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For open courses offered at no cost, and for an offering of generosity of the heart, please write to us at [email protected]  to facilitate your voluntary reciprocity. 

Para los cursos abiertos ofrecidos sin coste alguno, y para una ofrenda de generosidad del corazón, escríbanos [email protected] para facilitar su reciprocidad voluntaria. 

Sipping Moonlight Poetry Book

English only.

Poems from a Forest Path. This is Maa Parvathi's first book of poetry offering a flow of beauty and wisdom from the path. Available with audio of Maa reading each of the poems. Not available in Spanish.

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Journey to Oḍḍiyāṇa Poetry


Poems, songs, musings - a short guide for the weary traveler. Step into the mystical realm of Oḍḍiyāṇa through the revelatory verses of Mā Umā-Pārvatī. This purchase comes with audios of Maa reading the poems. 

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Prakāśa-Vimarśa Booklet

Versión en español disponible.

A booklet in PDF form, about Tripura Sundarī's primordial upsurge to reflect and reveal the Oneness of Śiva. This is the foundation of dhyāna, which is often translated as meditation or visualization.

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Śrī Vidyā Sādhana Manual

Traducción al español incluida en el libro.

This is a beautiful and handy booklet with the daily practices for a Śrī Vidyā practitioner in one booklet. Included are original images of the Nityā Devyāḥ to enhance the precision and feeling of your daily practice.

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Open Teachings & Practices

Traducciones al español.

Various teachings and practices available at no cost. These include Getting Started in Śrī Vidyā, teachings & practices for sacred days, mythological storytelling and more.  Register for free to receive notice of new offers.

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Parāmbika Teachings & Sādhana Closed / Cerrado

Parāmbika is the transcendental aspect of Tripura Sundarī. She is direct knowing, flashing of recognition, and the innate intuition that grasps the Oneness in the manifold.


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Chandi Mā - Chandi Path Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

In these times of worldwide instability and fear, practicing with Ugra or fierce devatas is very important. Chandi Mā is thought to be one of the best and fastest practices for this era of Kaliyuga, as well as a way to tangibly contribute to the dharmic welfare of the world. These sessions have profound teachings for everyone, from new to very experienced practitioners.

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Khaḍgamālā Sādhana & Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

The Mahāmantra of Mahātripurasundarī, the devotional jewel of wisdom and beauty (bhaktichintāmaṇi) that confers, power and protection to the aspirant giving the jewel of wisdom, discernment and the one power that can never be taken, eroded or corrupted. Both the simple and long lunar cycle of the practice will be studied and practiced. 

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Nityā Devyāḥ Sādhana & Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

Nityā Devyāḥ are the display of eternity in the sequence of time. Each one is a power and rasa of Mahātripurasundarī displaying and enacting Her strength in the time matrix. As the power and current of eternity, the Nityā Devyāḥ are unlimited in their strength and grace. It is essential to connect with them to experience our timelessness and abide in our totality.

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Śūlinī Durgā Sādhanā & Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

Durgā is legendary for relieving difficulties. This "secret" manifestation of Durgā is outwardly fierce, yet benevolent and gracious to Her devotees, usually giving immediate relief to difficulties. She is called Śūlinī Durgā but is more a direct manifestation of Tripurasundarī. 

This is not a sādhanā for absolute beginners.

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Śhyāmā Sādhana & Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

Śhyāmā is Tripurasundarī's manifestation as love, wisdom and silence. Her energy descends with silence and stillness like newly fallen snow as She imparts Her majestic wisdom and attunes us to the depths of our hearts. As the source energy for all art and sciences, She also increases creativity and synthesizes intelligence.  A foundational sādhana in this Śrī Vidyā lineage.

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Śhyāma Expanded Sādhana

The Divine Tapestry of Śhyāma's Attendants

This special offering builds upon the foundational principles of the Śyāma sādhana, offering additional dimensions and practices for those desiring to deepen their connection and practice.

These practices do not stand alone but are meant to expand and be integrated with your current Śhyāma practices.

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Tri Devī in Śrī Vidyā

Exploring the Divine Feminine through the Tri Devī Goddesses with Mā Umā-Pārvatī

Traducciones al español disponibles.

Delve into the profound spiritual significance of the Tri Devī - the divine feminine trinity comprising MahaKālī, MahāLakṣmī, and MahaSarasvatī. Teachings and practice.

Currently in progress, with recordings available.

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Tripurasundarī Sāgara Sādhanā & Teachings

Traducciones al español disponibles.

This sādhanā is a profound immersion into the multi-faceted practices of Tripurasundarī, the summit of devotion, wisdom and realization.

Sāgara means ocean and we dive deeply into Her nectar ocean of beauty and power.

This course is not currently available. Email [email protected] for more information.


Question & Answer Session for Teachers of Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, and Śrī Vidyā with Mā Umā-Pārvatī

For seasoned and beginning teachers of meditation, mantra, tantra, and Śrī Vidyā who are looking to deepen their practice and enhance their teaching skills. 

This session is not available. Email [email protected] for more information.