Next steps on the path: Exploring the sacred Tri Devī with Mā Umā-Pārvatī and her poetry.

Apr 26, 2024


Many of you have expressed curiosity about the next phase of your spiritual journey after engaging with Mā Umā-Pārvatī's free and open teachings. Exploring the Tri Devī is not only a natural progression but also a profoundly enriching experience—one that is always worth revisiting for advanced practitioners as well.

In the kaleidoscope of the Hindu pantheon, amidst the myriad celestial beings that populate its cosmos, there exists a sacred trinity of feminine divinity known as Tri Devī, the embodiment of primal forces—MahāKālī, MahāLakṣmī, and MahāSarasvatī—each wielding the cosmic powers of creation, preservation, and dissolution. Each goddess embodies a unique energy and power, playing a crucial role in the cycle of birth, sustenance, and dissolution – as well as in our sādhana.

When asked about her own personal experience on the path of Śrī Vidyā, Mā will say simply – read the poems. And indeed, they do convey an unfathomable, arduous and ultimately radiant journey of longing, devotion, and revelation. They are transmissions in and of themselves. In the ethereal verses of Mā’s poem Tri Devī, she conveys the essence and potency of each īṣṭadevata, illuminates their unique power and purpose in practice, and invites us into their realm experientially and beyond the limiting constructs of the mind.

Tri Devī


From my sapphire blue body
I arise as sleep.
Deeply absorbed in totality.
Inseparable, whole, and complete.
My own sweetness replete
in light sunk within.
I am the Void
from where the galaxies arise.
And when you are veiled in sleep,
I am the forgetting
that will become the fullness of your mind.
Your inner faculties are gripped in tension and fear
that only My sword will sever.
Don't fear!
I can never cut that which is Nothing.
When you awake to My lustrous black embrace
the Void releases the light.
Then you can rest
at My shining blue lotus feet.
Jayā MahaKālī!
Gold reels and sparkles
like laughter and tears
that rolled
off playful Lalitā 's cheeks.
Scooping jewels in My lotus cup
I drain the milky ocean
only to refill it with
My dream.
The dream that you long to dream.
Exquisite and perfect in My undimmed light.
You never want to wake up.
It repeats and repeats.
And one day, you catch the inexpressible.
My golden glance between the tremoring clasp
that shapes the dream light
and you wake up to float
in the lake of the lotus born.
Jayā MahaLakṣmī!
I'm the diamond heavens
from which the worlds are born.
A sonic desire, a pulsating vision.
Light descends and bursts through
the flames of Man’s sorrow.
Even the gods bowed down to time.
Their pride and vanity sacrificed
blazing and beseeching,
from the fire of their furies
a Devī was born.
I arose shining as the Word.
To awaken the world from its stupor.
Keep thinking you are you, and the world never stops.
Know you’re my thought and set the world free.
Jayā MahāSarasvatī!


The Sacred Practice of Tri Devī 

The Tri Devī practice holds immense significance in Śrī Vidyā for many reasons, two (though there are many, many more) of the most palpable for me transmitted through this poem are: 

Cyclical Understanding and Embodiment: Tri Devī reminds us of the cyclical nature of existence, where birth, life, death, and rebirth are intertwined in an eternal dance. On a psychological and more mundane level, embracing this helps us navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience, knowing that change is inevitable and transformation is constant.

Path to Liberation: Ultimately, and most importantly, like all Śrī Vidyā sādhana, the Tri Devī practice, offers us a path to liberation (mokṣa). Through devotion, meditation, and self-inquiry, we, as practitioners have the possibility to transcend the limitations of the ego and merge with the infinite consciousness that permeates all creation.

Tri Devī is a profound container for experiencing and understanding the multifaceted nature of reality and our place within it. May the wisdom and blessings of Tri Devī illuminate our path and awaken us to the eternal truth that lies beyond the veil of illusion!

Through teachings rooted in Śrī Vidyā, Mā Umā-Pārvatī will unfold the mysteries of Tri Devī and awaken the timeless wisdom of the practices in her upcoming course: 

Tri Devī in Śrī Vidyā 

Exploring the Divine Feminine through the Tri Devī Goddesses 

I hope you will join us!

With heartfelt blessings as you delve deeper into the mysteries,
Tara Mahady
Sādhana Manager
A Forest Path

PS: This course will continue to be available via recording after the live sessions have concluded.