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Sipping Moonlight



Sipping Moonlight is a collection of 37 poems across 96 pages adorned with photos from the mountains and forest where Maa practices sadhana and meditation.


Each poem is encoded with the Mother in Her form of Tripura Sundari, Shyama, MahaYogini, or the sacred all around us – the damp leaves of the forest floor, the crystalline breath of winter, ancient lichen, and moss as thick and plush as velvet.

“Be still,” She whispers. “And listen...”

And listen you are! Readers have shared the following:


“Spending time experiencing these poems — gems of pure beauty and wisdom — is like being immersed and washed clean by blissful nectar. They transport… and act as a mirror so that we might see ourselves as Her. And to receive them in Maa’s voice is a gift beyond measure. Thank you.”


“These poems are filled with light, and the book is so beautiful. It’s so wonderful to sink into them.”


“I actually can feel the love of the Divine Mother while reading these poems.”


We’re basking in the love. Please don’t hesitate to send us your experiences!


Thank you, again, for your beautiful response to this new offering. We help this message answers your questions. Please feel free to contact [email protected], should you need help ordering or have further inquiries.


The beauty and wisdom that flow through these pages are available for everyone; there are no restrictions or course requirements to receive these subtle and powerful teachings transmitted through poetic expression. 


Poems are meant to be read aloud, so if you like you can share this email and link with your community. 



The physical copy of the book is available and can be ordered here. “Sipping Moonlight book


No matter which format you choose (and some of you are choosing both!), Sipping Moonlight is accessible. It is designed to be shared and appropriate for everyone. The poems can be appreciated equally for their literary beauty and for the divine rasa woven through them.